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As you will have seen I have added a Fetishes section to my website. These are split into 3 categories. Favourite Fetishes, Possible Fetishes and Limits. These lists are subject to change as I, as a Professional, human being and a practitioner change, develop and grow. I may also simply not wish to partake in the particular activity with a particular individual (hint if you are polite, hygienic, respectful and value my time, I am more inclined to aid in fulfilling your fantasy).

A distinction has been made between Favourite Fetishes and Possible Fetishes, the latter include:


Sweaty post workout worship

Hard sports

Cigar smoking

Role play


Ass worship

Armpit worship

Leg worship


This isn't because I am not fond of these. This is so because most of the activities from the list above do require additional preparation and possibly a bit more notice. I also want to be sure we are on the same page about these and there are no disappointing surprises during session.

For example, humiliation will not include racial slurs, sweaty post workout worship is sweaty and I have had time to workout before the session, I haven't been to the toilet before the session so that I can do hard sports (you get the idea, right?).

If you do wish to book a session and are interested in something that is not included in the Favourites or Possible Lists - get in touch.

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