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FAQs Part 1

Some of the frequently asked questions (and answers!):

Q: Can you wear specific outfit?

A: You may politely request what I wear, as a Dominant, I reserve the right to have a final say and might grant your wish. I also may not...

Q: Do you allow poppers?

A: I do allow you the use of poppers, however, I have to be informed in advance of the booking that you will be using these.

Q: Can I use other substances during session?

A: The only substances permitted for your use during a session are prescription medications - inhalers, EPI pen etc. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted, will not be permitted and you trying to use during the session will have you removed from the premises. Rapidly.

Q: Do you offer any personal services?

A: If by personal you mean "bespoke", then yes. Of course each session is bespoke to each client. If by "personal" you are referring to a service provided by an escort - you came to the wrong Professional. I will be happy to recommend someone else who might help.

Q: Do you offer face sitting?

A: If by face sitting you mean a form of breath play/smothering, whereby I sit my glorious, strong and peachy (fully clothed) ass on your face and only move to allow you to take a wee breath, then yes. If by "face sitting" you are trying to be a smart arse (see what I did there?), and hope to go down on me, see the question above (and in case you are too lazy to scroll back - NO).

Q: What kind of domination style do you prefer?

A: Generally enjoy being a sarcastic deviant who likes to hurt and have a laugh about it. Fairly certain that there are times my cackling and roaring laughter can be heard all the way in Hell (Hi DAD! I'm doing a good job up here! You'd be proud!) I can of course, upon polite request, be severe, serious, playful or assume a particular role.

Q: You didn't do what I asked for when I booked a session, why?

A: As a Dominant I reserve the right to make the final decisions during the session. This means that even if I do happily provide the fetishes you requested, I may not fulfil your request. Often this happens because

a) your request was a foolish bravado and I can tell you are hitting your limits and you will not be able to handle what you asked for (for example you ask to be pegged but aren't practiced and I can just about fit my finger in, almost dislocating it, and we have limited time...ain't gonna happen!)

b) you have been impolite and treated me without due respect

c) you overbooked and asked for a "shopping list" of things you'd like within 1 hour session (or two or more "shopping lists" in similarly limited time) - I do not and will not be rushed through what we're doing.

To be continued....

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