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Domina Blaize & a slave, CFNM

How can you prepare yourself for a session with me?

And so you have decided to take a step towards indulging your desires and now you wonder how to prepare for a session with Me. Excellent. Start by reading My website thoroughly and carefully. All of the information you need is here. 

You are excited and eager, and likely have quite the appetite to explore all your wants and desires. Consider what is it you really want from the session and don't try to cram everything from your long list of interests into your request. Decadence, thrill and experiences such as this should not be rushed. 

When you make your booking, tell Me what do you want to take away from our time together. Complete the session request form and once we agree time & date and the session fee has been paid, I will give you an opportunity to discuss details. 

To prepare for a session with Me you will need only a few things. Be polite and mind your manners at all times, be punctual, respectful and communicate any issues. Take care of your personal hygiene. 

What is it like to interact with me? Let my clients words speak for themselves...

After an absence from the scene for a number of years, I decided to arrange a session with Domina Blaize in Glasgow. Reading her website, and being gripped with what she was able to offer, I contacted her via email with what could only be regarded as a masochists shopping list! Domina Blaize returned my mail stating that this was not a problem and that she would be only too happy to meet me. Her correspondence was always quick, friendly and informative. A time and date was set.


Unfortunately I got stuck in a traffic jam and informed Domina Blaize that I may be late. She was understanding and more concerned that I drive safe rather than be angry that I could be late. When tensions are rising in a traffic jam, where I had to meet the appointment time, she put me at ease.


On arrival I was greeted with a smiling Domme who can only be described as stunning. She uses her height to her advantage, giving her a domineering presence that can be used against the tallest of clients. She has the most amazing eyes that can stare into your soul and accompanied with a wicked wry grin, I knew I was in for a great time even before I entered the front door. As she turned and led me into the city centre dungeon, I was blessed with a gorgeous figure adorned in a body hugging wet look pvc catsuit. I can only describe her as truly stunning.


We had a chat to break the ice and then went onto my 'shopping list' and my limits. I was quite specific in areas that I'd like to explore and was happy to let Domina Blaize run riot with her imagination. What went next was amazing. Two hours of sheer bliss, fun, apprehension and pain. Domina certainly knows what she is doing and she certainly loves doing it. I found that very refreshing, that Domina Blaize was enjoying it as much as I was. You could tell by her smiles and little noises when you delight her with your response to her actions. 


Domina Blaize is into all sorts. Please discuss these with her and I can assure you that you won't be disappointed. I won't go into the finer details of what I requested but I was amazed at the way she carried these through. Beware though, she keeps looking into your soul even during the session and she will take you to your limits or happy place without a doubt.


Would I visit Domina Blaize again... I've already booked.

Domina Blaize in High Heels, Smoking
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